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the drama series - the mindtools flagship
As Seen in the Drama Bookshop

The Drama Series includes three 4"x7" durable plastic cards. Card one contains twenty concrete scene objectives, card two outlines fifty playable tactics, and card three lists nineteen embraceable obstacles. These ideas lead to stronger choices in the creative process.

Developed by Mind Tools founder Ted Sharon, this series sheds greater light on the craft of acting. These ideas are designed to compliment acting and directing texts and have been tested in class, honed in rehearsal, and proven in performance.

The Drama Series can be ordered online and shipped directly from Mind Tools. See our ORDER page for more information.

The retail price is $3.50 per card.

Product Descriptions

Solid objectives affect the other person and fit into the following sentence:

I want you to _________.

Working through the other person allows for layered, colorful,
life-like interaction on the stage and screen.




A variety of creative tactics guide characters around obsacles and complete the phrase:

I will _________ you.

Tactical variety is the spice of scene work.




A well crafted obstacle humanizes the character and will fit into the phrase:

What makes the objective difficult to achieve is ______________.

The ability to embrace an obstacle is at the heart of good acting.


How the Drama Series took Shape

"I got tired of blank stares or the fumble for words that followed the question, What is your objective in this scene? There was talk of obstacles but no one could identify them, and tactics...were often left undiscovered simply for want of the right words. I wanted concrete options that I could put my finger on and say, Let's start building from here."

Ted Sharon, from Artistic Innovation


this is only the beginning